Have Similarity With Cha Eun Woo, Here 10 Reasons why Kang Tae Oh is a Heartthrob to People!

Many International Fans show their interest to know about the actor, Kang Tae Oh. But after knowing this actor, many surprised because he actually an Idol. Most interesting, he has similarities with Cha Eun Woo which is both of them come from the same agency.

But to focus more on his carrier as a celebrity, Kang Tae Oh whose height is 179cm changed the agency and focused more on acting. Special for Korea Buzz readers, here are the 10 facts about Kang Tae Oh that make people like him more.

1. Kang Tae Oh said that when K-Drama actors study a role before starting to film, they usually take the MBTI test. He also took this test, imagining himself as Lee Junho, his character in Extraordinary Attorney Woo, and expected an MBTI result of ESFJ. Surprisingly, he got that exact result!


2.Kang Tae Oh donated ₩20.0 million KRW (about $14,900 USD) through the Hope Bridge National Disaster Relief Association to help those affected by the recent heavy floods in Korea. He hoped his donation would help some victims return to normal circumstances through the restoration of damages. He is really sweet, kind, and humble.


  1. Kang Tae Oh preferred to work out at home instead of in a fitness club or gym. He loved using the Phoenix Horizontal Bar installed in front of the bathroom in his home and does as many as 20 pull-ups regularly, even 30 pull-ups when he has time to work out more frequently. Those pull-ups were effective, as seen in Law of the Jungle when he appeared shirtless.


4. Kang Tae Oh loved to sleep and took advantage of his spare time to catch up on rest. When he doesn’t have a schedule the following day, he sleeps all day and doesn’t go out. He said sleeping is his only joy.


  1. People say he has a powerful energy that can be strongly felt whenever he speaks. Thus, he wanted to test his limits as an actor and play a weak character who has no reason to live or is intimidated. He wanted to play all nuances of this character and would welcome the challenge of this role.


6. He claimed he has been watching Youtube videos lately and loved the Korean Englishman channel, which introduces and promotes Korean food culture to foreigners.

  1. 5urprise (pronounced surprise) was the first ever South Korean actor group formed with five actors, one of which is Kang Tae Oh. 5urprise was launched by talent agency Fantagio in September 2013, the same agency that handles Astro. No wonder he is both good at singing and dancing.


  1. He recently created his Tiktok account @75taeoh, which has already garnered 1.5 million followers, and 7.1 million likes as of this writing. The account has a few posts, one of them reaching a staggering 10.2 million views after just two days of posting.


  1. Kang Tae Oh wanted his mom to stop working before he went away for his military enlistment. With the tremendous success of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, he made his mom quit her job and provided funds for the rehabilitation of her back.


  1. His agency, Man of Creation, has officially announced plans for his enlistment. The agency also shared that it may be at the end of August or the middle of September.




Name: Kang Tae-Oh Hangul: 강태오

Birth Name: Kim Yoon-Hwan (김윤환)

Born: June 20, 1994

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: 179 cm

Instagram: kto940620

Notes Member of idol group “5urprise.”

Movies Feng Shui | Myungdang (2018) – Won-Kyung Drama Series Extraordinary Attorney Woo | Yisanghan Byeonhosa Wooyoungwoo (Netflix-ENA / 2022) – Lee Jun-Ho Thirty Nine | Seoreun, Ahop (JTBC / 2022) – part-time worker (ep.11) Doom at Your Service | Eoneu Nal Woori Jib Hyungwaneuro Myeolmangyi Deuleowadda (tvN / 2021) – Lee Hyun-Kyu Run On (JTBC / 2020) – Lee Yeong-Hwa Love With Flaws | Hajaitneun Ingandeul (MBC / 2019-2020) – Jung-Tae (ep.1) The Tale of Nokdu | Joseonroko Nokdujeon (KBS2 / 2019) – Cha Yool-Moo My First First Love 2 | Cheotsarangeun Cheoeumiraseo 2 (Netflix / 2019) – Hoon My First First Love | Cheotsarangeun Cheoeumiraseo (Netflix / 2019) – Hoon Short (OCN / 2018) – Kang Ho-Young That Man Oh Soo | Geunamja Ohsoo (OCN / 2018) – Kim Jin-Woo You Are Too Much | Dangshineun Neomoohabmida (MBC / 2017) – Lee Kyung-Soo The Dearest Lady | Choigoui Yeonin (MBC / 2015-2016) – Choi Young-Gwang Second 20’s | Doobunzzae Seumoosal (tvN / 2015) – Kim Woo-Chul (young) Flower of the Queen | Yeowangui Kkot (MBC / 2015) – Heo Dong-Goo Miss Korea | Miseukoria (MBC / 2013-2014) – Ma Ae-Ri’s son TV Movies Drama Special: The Effect of a Finger Flick on a Breakup | Ddakbam Han Daega Yibyeole Michineun Younghyang (KBS2 / 2021) – Cha Min-Jae Awards Best New Actor (“The Tale of Nokdu”) – 2019 KBS Drama Awards – December 31, 2019


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