Cover Anus with Sock, X rated actor reveal can’t get excited when shooting!

In March 2020, the YouTube channel “Alsung Achievement” introduced a program called “The Construction Method for Major Parts of an R-rated Actor.”

After a video of the title was released, lots of question been sending by viewer. The most popular inquiry is “How does the main part of the bed scene work?”

It is a story that anyone who has experienced at least once would be curious about.

To answer this topic, a video that solved this curiosity was uploaded. This video feature famous Korean adult actor, Min Do Yoon, a senior actor in adult film industry.

Sharing about how they done it, this video also explain bed scene construction method. Most interestingly, all actor can be constructed with stockings. He also appear to explain the construction methods of major parts of men and women.

Never shy doing his job as adult actor.

The actor introduced himself and tell been an actor since 19-year-old. According to him, men use stockings to block important areas. The method first wraps the entire penis and testicles with ankle stockings. After that, twist the stocking entrance. Cover it one more time and cover it with tape to the anus.

For Women, they use sanitary pads. Tape the back of the panty liner and wrap it around the critical area. He also mention that…

“I can’t get excited when I’m shooting an erotic film,” he said, referring to the construction of the main part.

He also explained the differences between pornography , AV and erotic films. Porno is a video produced to induce sexual excitement, and AV is an adult product sold in Japan. It stands for “Adult Video.” Also, erotic movies are mainly about sexual content or pretending to be sexual.

As one of the actors explained about the curiosity that everyone has at least once, as experience actor, here among his statement expression make people wondering…

 “We’re not usually like this. How frustrating it is. That’s weird. It’s a little…”He explained that he was angry.

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