Vaccination Rate Rises, Korean Tourists Booked Italy & Thailand To Travel!

As the With Corona era begins this month, overseas travel routes beyond Korea are gradually opening. As social distancing guidelines are eased and overseas entry procedures are simplified, more and more people are expected to go on a “retaliation trip” due to the desire for a trip that had been neglected. In the first month of the With Corona era, which domestic and foreign destinations did Koreans book the most?

According to data from Booking Dotcom, a digital travel company, on the 5th of November, the rate of domestic travel reservations is still high. However, as the vaccination rate rises and restrictions on overseas travel are eased, Korean tourists are gradually turning overseas.

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The United States, Spain, Germany, France, and Italy ranked first among the most booked overseas travel destinations by Korean travelers from the 1st to the 30th of this month. It was followed by Britain, Guam, Portugal, Thailand and Switzerland, ranking 10th.

The popularity of domestic travel was also found to be steadily high. According to Booking Dotcom’s November reservation status, Jeju and Seogwipo ranked first and second in reservations, respectively, and Jeju Island was identified as the most popular domestic destinations. It was ranked in the top 5 following Seoul, Busan, and Gyeongju, which are consistently loved destinations. It was followed by Incheon, Yeosu, Gangneung, Sokcho, and Daegu, ranking 10th.

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In the case of the preferred accommodation type for domestic travelers, hotels and resorts ranked first and second, respectively, as the most reserved accommodation facilities in November. Holiday homes, guest houses, and apartment hotels followed.

Lim Jin-hyung, head of Booking Dotcom Korea, Hong Kong, and Macau, said,

“Travel restrictions are being eased both domestically and globally, and Korea has a vaccination rate of more than 70 percent. This data shows that many people start planning their next trip and regain confidence in travel.”

Although the large proportion of reservations is still biased toward domestic travel, the demand for overseas travel is also showing up again, he said.

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