Positive Exist! One Night Stands & Hook Up Alive In Korea Especially Among…

Contrary to the image of Korean chastity that older and traditional Koreans would love to portray, hook up culture is definitely alive in Korea.

One night stands or “one night” in Korean exist here just like in any sin city. But you’ll have to seek out contemporary Koreans that are more inclined to give in to the burning lust within.  Of course, alcohol to fan the flames.

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Although only a small percentage of the population participates in such lustful activities, you’ll still find them at the same places they’re found around the world such as bars, lounges and clubs.

In Itaewon, Glam is famous for its mingling cocktail bar culture. Pretty girls, expensive cocktails, and guys that can pay for them is a pretty good recipe for lust-based interactions.

For sheer volume, Club Ellui and Club Ocatagon in Gangnam are super clubs that have a loyal army of clubbers. There’s dark lights and alcoholic beverages that make everyone look better. Plus there’s more skin. Hook ups overflow out of these places.

However, this exposure does not mean that Koreans do not take care of self-respect. What is certain, only a handful practice it. Some are also simply trying and ultimately regretting the actions that are usually done at an unconscious rate.

Most importantly you need to be careful because this information may help you a lot to judge whether positive and negative.

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