A Lot Of Korean Guys Who Have An Affair During Their Wife’s Pregnancy? Here is the Fact You Should Know!

On the 4th of November, an article titled “husband who expelled his wife who was six months pregnant” was posted on an online community in Korea, drawing criticism.

Mrs. A, the main character of the story, said, “The dirt is severe. I don’t really like eating, but I like eating after I get pregnant. But it’s not that I eat it, but that the baby in my stomach eats it. So when I want to eat, I try to eat right away.”Was it my fault?” I started writing.

On this day, Mr. and Mrs. A were lying in bed to wash and sleep. At that time, A suddenly wanted to eat soft peaches, and I was sorry that I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t eat them, but I asked my husband to buy them for me.

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Since it was late at night, my husband said he would buy me yellow peaches, but what A wanted was raw peaches. However, the husband asked where the hell he was buying it and told him to just eat the yellow peach, and A was so sad and upset that he eventually shed tears. It was because I felt so sorry for the baby and it seemed to be due to hormones.

But that’s when the incident broke out. Mrs. A cried and threw his cell phone without realizing it, which was hit by his husband’s leg. It was never intentional.

The husband was scratched by the cell phone case and began to bleed a little, and A immediately apologized, led his heavy body, and walked to bring the band.

However, the husband, who was already very angry, sent A out of the house as if he were pushing him to eat peaches. Fortunately, I arrived safely because my parents were close, but I was so sorry to my parents and to my baby.

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In this situation, A said, “My husband used to buy me a late-night snack menu in the morning and drive a car to eat with me during lunchtime at work.” It’s so unfamiliar and scary. “What should I do?” she appealed.

“I heard that there are a lot of guys who have an affair during their wife’s pregnancy. I don’t want to go home again in this state, so what should I do to be wise?” She asked for advice.

However, the netizens who heard the story were not on A’s side. Internet users say, “I heard something from somewhere, so it’s food for a baby in the stomach.” “I’m pregnant, too.” “You have to put your husband to sleep!” “Fabricated.” “How heavy are you when you’re six months pregnant?”

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