Is it True Korean Men Fear or Shame to Talk About the World’s Smallest Size Issues?

Whenever there are well-known women from various countries who show interest and desire to have a husband from Korea, there is definitely an allegation of not circumcised Korean men. In fact, many have considered the question of the size of the Korean male pubic following a viral issue about Korean men among those with the smallest size in the world. 

Although the issue is said to be a fact drawn from the study, its validity is still uncertain as it is a very sensitive issue. In fact, many Korean men try to avoid or do not want to talk about these sensitive and viral issues raise by international people.

This silent attitude from Korean men has made many international communities agree with the viral issue. On them, if a Korean man called OPPA doesn’t want to debate the issue, meaning it’s truly compassionate.

However, some Korean women who were heard the issue were only able to laugh and there were also denies the allegations. In fact, these experienced Korean women felt the study was not 100% true. 

In any case, this issue will continue to last if nothing dares or explains in detail. Most Importantly, the issue of Korean men is not circumcised is completed answer when studies and confessions have already been followed up by several people. 

Should this issue be steered? Whether it’s desirable or isn’t it up to the true question of a Korean man fearful and too ego to talk about this? Though they are actually angry and also embarrassed to face the outside community because of the allegations.

If you are not a Korean male as mentioned, please come forward and dare to debate about this issue. Indeed, your courage is capable of changing the issue often thrown to Korean men become embarrassing.

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