Hashtag #nobra in Korea Become Wild, Go braless freedom for Korean Female?

Going Braless has become a movement all over the world, and KPOP stars are leading the pack even if it causes an uproar. Does this movement really deserve to be the subject of controversies and how does it affect society’s perception of a woman?

South Korea is known to be a patriarchal dominant country as it needed the global movement to invigorate some feminist changes in the country, yet it was met with resistance from the men. In October 2018, a huge female population protested against the beauty standard by destroying their makeups which, again, stemmed from men as they claimed it is common courtesy to look presentable.

Recently, South Korean women have called for their freedom to dress as they choose after a newsreader caused an uproar for appearing on air without a bra. The latest bid in a feminist movement that has grown in the male-dominated country. 

Korean TV personality, Yim Hyun-Ju came under criticism after she appeared on-air on a TV program braless and took to social media to share her experience with the hashtag #nobra.

Previously, Korean Entertainment industries were known for Going Braless when Kpop Stars Hwasa Spark Debate on Women’s Freedom. 

Hwasa of K-pop band Mamamoo was spotted strolling braless at the airport as she returned home after a concert in Hong Kong, wearing a white cropped top through which the impression of her nipples could faintly be seen. The look sparked controversy online on whether going braless is one’s freedom or could be provocative or disturbing to others.

Meanwhile, late Sulli also becomes controversial because of a braless issue and give lots of impact to her and KPOP industries. Late Sulli, had been receiving harsh comments from the public ever since she started posting braless photos of herself. 

Answering a million harsh question, Sulli talk about her braless stunt that caused unrest among some Koreans. For her, going braless is one’s freedom. She also comments in detail about why she choose to do it and affect her life before she died because of suicide. 

“Bras have wires; they are not good for health. Not wearing one is comfortable. That is something beautiful and natural. For me, a bra is like an accessory. Some outfits go with it, and others do not. That’s why I sometimes do not wear a bra,

“When I upload my photos without a bra, people talk about it a lot. I could have been scared. But I didn’t because I thought it would be nice if more people could discard their prejudices,” 

“I want to step outside the box, tell people that not wearing a bra is not a big thing.”

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