Covid-19 Is Year Without Sex, Many Lose Interest & Phobia Intimate After Vaccinated!

Due to the pandemic of coronavirus worldwide, 2020 was also called the “year without sex.” In many cases, not only single couples but also couples do not have sex due to anxiety due to blockades overseas. As the sex break is prolonged, they sometimes experience a group “sex slump.” The most frequently asked question in the 2020 Google Sex category was “How to Sex.” More than a million searches have been made.

I know what sex is, and even if I’ve done it before, wouldn’t most sex be nervous or rusty? You can worry.

“Many customers ask what to do first when having sex after a long time. Many people get nervous when they have sex after a long time,” Los Angeles sex therapist Shannon Chavez said.

It’s still the coronavirus and there have been many sudden changes. This change also affected the way people enjoy sex. When I meet new people and contact people, I worry and worry a lot more than before. Of course, I have to be nervous when I have sex after a long time.”

It may take time to get used to and endure some awkwardness before having sex again. You need time to get used to new habits. It can be new and awkward if you do things you are familiar with for a long time.

A 23-year-old woman named Celeste, a Pittsburgh jewelry manufacturer said she was a little nervous about having sex with someone new after receiving the vaccine. His last sex was six months ago. I’ve already broken up with him. Since then, he has confessed that he wants to have sex again but keeps hiccupping at the thought of it.

“It’s usually awkward when having sex, but it’s even more so after coronavirus 19. I’m afraid I’ll suddenly lose interest. I don’t want to be obsessed with having sex again. I want to start over naturally.”

Sex Therapists have given useful tips for people who feel awkward and hesitant to have sex again like Celeste. It’s useful information for everyone who has sex again after a long time for many reasons.

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Sex is like riding a bicycle. The body remembers.

A customer asked sex therapists, “Does our body really remember sex like riding a bike? Once you realize how to do it, will your body move naturally over time?

Kenneth Play, founder of the sex education and sex community Hacienda Villa, said:

“Imagine not riding a bike for a year. You can still ride a bike, but you can be more clumsy and stressed than before. It’s similar when you have sex. When you feel anxious, you may think that you are ruining everything, even if you are actually doing well.”

What you do every time can suddenly be stressful or awkward. The same thing can be fun and stressful depending on your mental state. It is more important to maintain a calm state of mind than actual movement. Most people already know the order of what to do when having sex. Relax and focus on enjoying yourself again.”

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Let’s examine your body, find out what it’s like.

Many people may be enjoying masturbation to relieve stress from coronavirus 19. If you plan to meet people again and have sex, it’s helpful to take a closer look at your body when you masturbate.

This is the advice of Amy Baldwin, host and sex educator of the Shameless Sex podcast. Do you know what your body likes now? Are you willing to take the time to find out what makes me feel good? Knowing this helps when you meet someone new.”

It is most important to have time to talk with your partner. If you’re a little nervous about having sex after a long time, you can let your partner know this in advance. Let’s be honest about what we want to do, what’s comfortable and uncomfortable, and what’s disturbing.

Janet Brito, a psychologist and sex therapist in Hawaii said, “Tell your partner in advance if you want to go slowly. Let’s make a list of good things and bad things. For example, you can make a list of kisses and inserts, but you don’t want to use 69 or sex toys.

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If you focus on orgasm, sex becomes boring.

Let’s get rid of the pressure of having to feel orgasm. It’s okay to take your time to enjoy it and not feel the orgasm at once. Focus on enjoying sex with your partner.

“Don’t set goals in advance when you’re sexy. If you focus too much on achieving your goals, sex becomes boring. When you start a new relationship, there’s no problem taking the time and going slowly. Sex is not a speed race.

We can maximize our senses by actively utilizing sex toys and lubricants.

Take a look at the body first. It is important to relax and relax. It’s Chavez’s horse. We can maximize our senses by using a lubricant, and various accessories. It also helps you enjoy sex more.

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No matter how proud you are of the best sex skills, you can’t satisfy everyone.

Sex Therapist Vanessa Marin said,

“No one has sex skills that work for everyone, or anyone who is good enough to satisfy everyone. Everyone is unique. Everyone needs time to get to know each other when they meet a new partner. People are bound to change. When you start having sex again after a long time, a little anxiety and tension is a process that everyone has to go through.

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