41% of Men Experienced PCD, Why do People Cry After Having a Sex Relationship? 

A woman who had sex with her husband later burst into tears. They were not even the first to make love. To be exact, they have been together for 10 years. They were a successful couple until their marriage last year.


According to Vice, this phenomenon, which many people have considered a problem, is actually a natural response. Experts refer to this as “postcoital dysphoria-PCD” and say that even if you have satisfactory or better sex than usual, you can feel sad or burst into tears. Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia said in a study that 41% of men have experienced PCD, and 4% of people regularly shed tears after having a relationship.


Neuropsychologist Jasmine Margo says that people usually express “the easiest emotions to access” in vulnerable conditions. And this vulnerable state includes lying bare-faced with others. It maximizes the vulnerability of sharing desires with others without wearing anything and wanting to be loved.

Dr. Margo went on to say, “You could have seen people with the easiest emotions ‘cry’ burst into tears even during the debate,” adding that the fact that sex was still socially taboo in many societies can be a tremendous experience for many people, and this brings out unexpected tears.


Asta Bora, sexual life and sexual health expert, said that the anxiety that occurs during sex should also be reconsidered as the reason why people cry after sex. “Agreed sex is like a passage for all emotions,” he said, explaining that if you do not feel comfortable during the relationship, people can show tears in a “safe space to express anxiety and emotions.”

Dr. Margo said, “Crying after sex does not itself degrade an individual’s health function,” adding that this phenomenon is not particularly classified as a disability or syndrome. Relationship coaching expert Palabi Banwol also defines sex as a process of sharing pain and joy between the two, and explains, “It depends on how you lead to sex and how your partner does it.”


Half a month goes on to say that in case you encounter someone suffering from PCD If you see a partner with a relationship collapses, make sure it’s not scary or weird. In most cases, this is not your fault. Just hug the other person and recognize and accept their vulnerability as perfectly normal.”

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