Without Self Defense, 31% Of Men Pretend To Feel Orgasm?

This issue is a relatively well-known fact that many women find it difficult to feel orgasm when having sex. And it is known that most men can feel orgasm whenever they have a relationship. Are you sure?

A new study by Hims & Hers, a platform specializing in health and well-being, reverses existing common sense. Much more men than expected play “fake orgasm.”

The photo doesn’t relate to the story. Photo by Rustic Studio

According to the results of a 2023 UK “Let’s Talk About Sex” study, men and non-binary (people who deviate from the criteria that clearly distinguish men and women by dichotomy) also sometimes did not experience orgasm during relationships.

Even the rate is quite high. Among the respondents, 31% of men and 42% of non-binary said they sometimes pretend to feel orgasm even though they don’t feel it. Among them, 41% of Generation Z (the generation born between the mid-90s and early 2000s) said they have played orgasm the most.

British blogger The Guyliner, an expert on sex and dating, told media UK: “As a man, it’s not that hard to play orgasm.” “The point is to look at your partner’s condition and get the right timing to postpone the organism.”

This is not all. More than a quarter (26%) of the men who participated in the study said it was difficult to feel orgasm during “incentive sex.” In addition, 27 percent of men said it was difficult to reach orgasm without the help of sex toys or self-defense.


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