Do Women Really Look in The Mirror More Than Men?

In front of the mirror, there is a prejudice that women spend a lot more time than men. However, studies have shown that men these days look at their faces in the mirror longer than women.

According to Dailyista, psychologists at the University of Grats in Austria studied the experiment with 68 men and women aged 23 on average. Psychologists calculated the average time these adults in their 20s look at their faces in the mirror according to gender. Participants were free to look in the mirror within a given time of 90 seconds each.

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As a result, on average, men looked at themselves in the mirror for more than five seconds than women. On average, men looked at their faces in the mirror for 80 seconds, and women looked at 75 seconds on average.

According to the Daily Mail, Dr. Forthoff, who conducted the study, said, “Each person feels differently when looking at his or her face in the mirror. Some people enjoy it and some people get a lot of stress from their emotions. These differences in emotions seem to affect the time spent looking in the mirror.”

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In addition, through this study, the researchers tried to confirm the difference in how people with higher self-esteem or narcissism (a person with stronger narcissism than others) look into the mirror.

And the result broke the general prejudice. Many people expected people with high self-esteem or strong narcissism to see their faces longer through the mirror, but those with such characteristics had a short time to look in the mirror.

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Forthoff said, “Maybe people with high self-esteem or strong self-love don’t feel the need to look in the mirror for a long time. It’s because I’m more free from criticism. The lack of confidence or self-love tends to look in the mirror longer and evaluate one’s appearance more thoroughly and longer,” he said.

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