Push Himself In Different Things, Misha Show Energy Of Younger Korean Generation In AWSM!

Altitude World Supermodel Korea 2021 (AWSM) finalist goals and stances are different. Most notably, Misha Choi put himself above everything. However, the English teacher had to admit to the challenges and rigs of life throughout the AWSM.

Most interestingly, his expectations and challenges are slightly different from other finalists such as Kwon Hee, Paul An, and Young Su because of his dream.

“My expectations from this AWSM challenge are to compete and to win in this competition so I can show many more people how Korea really is, and to show the people the culture and energy of the younger Korean generation.

“My challenges in this competition was that there were some challenges that were due in 1 week, but was quite impossible to finish because I have a job and work. But it was a fun experience to push me and try out different things.

“My dream and hope in this challenge is to win and to compete in the Global Model Competition, in order to show the strength and passion of Korean culture and my Korean soul, too many people in Malaysia and the world,” said Misha

Don’t forget to support Misha by attending the final AWSM this Sunday at 10 pm Korea Time. You also can watch live in facebook Korea Buzz or get a free ticket for Zoom Meeting. Click here to get it the ticket now.

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