One in six adult’s experiences depression, the existing treatment method needs to be changed!

Depression is a very common mental illness that affects one in six adults in the UK and is often accompanied by anxiety, stress, and loneliness. However, even though they still suffer from depression, only 15% of women and 9% of men receive treatment.

In general, women are twice as likely to experience depression as men. As a result of a new study conducted on more than 270,000 people, not the end, there was also a big difference in the way men and women respond to and experience depressive symptoms.

Depression can also occur in childhood or adolescence. Girls often suffered from depression in ways such as dissatisfaction or anxiety about their bodies, guilt, feelings of failure, difficulty in concentrating, and universal sadness. On the other hand, boys experienced depression by losing interest in daily activities or experiencing more tiredness in the morning than before.

In addition, as women get older, they feel more stress, sleep problems, and sadness when they suffer from depression. Men experienced depression in a way that was irritable and angry even when they were older.

Previously, as a result of these studies, depression was treated without considering gender. However, this study shows that depression can also show different patterns depending on gender, and treatment considering gender differences is important. In addition, according to the study, the reason why women experience depression relatively more than men was also largely due to genetic effects.

Researchers were able to find 11 parts of the DNA related to depression in women. In the case of men, only one part of DNA was related to depression. This study is valuable as the first study on the difference in depression by gender. Researchers said they hope that such research will help develop gender-based treatments for depression in the future.


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