Expected Discharged Military In March, Park Bo Gum Get Barber License!

Sergeant Park Bo-gum (29), who will be discharged from the military in the first half of the year, won a “barber license” while serving in the military.

According to a military official on the 2nd, Park Bo-gum was listed on the list of successful candidates for the practical examination of the National Technical Qualification Test (Barber) conducted in December last year.

The military recommends obtaining certificates as part of self-development before soldiers are discharged from the military.

It depends on the sport, but there are cases where they take a vacation to take a test in the private sector or come on a business trip to the unit from an authorized institution to take a test.

A military official said that there are also various types of certificates such as forklifts and Korean food cooks.

Park Bo-gum, who is currently serving at Gyeryong University, is also said to have exhausted his annual vacation and tested at the Jinhae Navy Education Command.

He is known to have given haircuts to fellow soldiers while serving, but he also “certified” his skills by obtaining official certificates himself.

Park Bo-gum previously applied for the keyboard part of the Navy’s Military Music and Uijang University’s Cultural Promotion Army two years ago, passed through practical and interview tests, and began serving in the military on August 31 of the same year.

The scheduled date for discharge is April 30, but it is known that there is more than a month left on vacation while serving, so he is expected to be discharged around March by using vacation before discharge.

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