From Curious Become Putra Melayu, Paul An Found New Colour & Thankful AWSM Korea!

Different from Kwon Hee, Paul An that now comfortable with the Malay name which is Putra given by fans in Malaysia feeling amazing after discovering a new side of him. Most interestingly, he feel so honoured to wear a beautiful baju Melayu songket design by Anas Abdullah.

Let’s see what Paul expectations, prediction and experience in AWSM Korea!


Well, first of all, I have never expected to wear traditional Malay clothes or have a Malay name (Putra) from fans of Malaysia in this competition. And plus through this competition, I could know about my own colour that I have never know before.

Predictions: So far right now it is hard for me to say who will win the competition. Because every competitor has their own strength and power. also, the voting is keep on changing. But after through all the task and the situations I was in, for the future either I win or lose I will move forward because I found the new part of me and I got a lot of supports from new friends and supporters. Which means I got a new family!

Before I enter the competition I was a curious guy. Because I didn’t know about my own strength and colour and was not confident in front of people or camera. After I joined this competition I am not just Paul An anymore I am Putra Paul An. By being named like that I am really appreciated and thankful to everyone who supports me.

Do support Paul for his final task given by Blimey on his Instagram now. The final task will base on the finalist creativity and amount of like, sharing and comments.

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