Peeing Immediately After Sex Eeffective For Preventing Infections!

Experts warn that unexpected problems such as urinary tract infections may occur after sex with a lover, so caution should be taken. Of course, there are precautions. According to Dailyista, many experts have said that peeing immediately after having sex is effective in preventing such infections.

And according to a recent survey conducted by sexual health and well-being brand Love Honey, two out of five respondents (42%) admitted that they had experienced problems such as sexually transmitted diseases or infections after sex at some point, and the most common problem was urinary tract infections.

It is already known that urinating after sex is a good way to prevent the possibility of urinary tract infections, but there was also a big difference between men and women.

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“Women can significantly reduce their chances of developing urinary tract infections because urine before and after sex can wash away bacteria,” Australian sexologist Chantel Otten told Metro’s British edition.

He added that in the case of women, urine is more effective in preventing infection not only immediately after sexual intercourse but also immediately before. Urination can prevent bacteria from penetrating the body to some extent.

“But men are a little different. If a man has an insertion relationship, urinating up to 15 minutes later helps prevent infection.” This is because men generally have a longer urethra than women. In other words, it also means that the time for bacteria and the like to reach the bladder through the urethra is longer.

Symptoms of urinary tract infections can become sensitivity around the urethra, pain in the bladder, fever, or various discomfort. You may want to go to the bathroom more often than usual, the color of your urine is different from usual, or it may be difficult to urinate. If this problem occurs, let’s consult a doctor.

Most of all, let’s not forget to stop by the bathroom before and after the relationship for a continuous and enjoyable sex life!

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