Peeling the Peel… How to Confirm ‘True Love’ Between Partners? A Winter Trick with Just One Fruit

When do the green lights of a relationship turn on? Love undoubtedly exists, but its size and shape are not visible to the naked eye. We can only guess through indirect evidence such as patience and consistency. For those frustrated by this, there’s some good news. A TikToker has introduced a way to visually confirm “true love.” And all you need is one essential item for winter: oranges.

Dubbed the ‘Orange Peel Theory,’ TikToker @neanotmia has bet on its literal meaning.

“People enjoy eating oranges, but many dislike ‘peeling the peel,'” he said. This is because of the annoyance of the white membrane getting stuck under the fingernails.

The method is simple. Just ask your partner, friend, or family member to “peel the orange peel” and see how they react. According to the TikToker, the current state of the relationship between the two individuals is reflected in how the other person responds.

Peeling oranges to gauge relationships?
Reading inner thoughts through the peel.

The orange peel may seem trivial, but it’s precisely why it’s important. Most of the things we face in our daily lives are trivial, so it’s necessary to see how people react to them.

The TikToker further suggests, “Possible responses your partner might show include ‘Do it yourself’ as the first, ‘Hmm, okay’ as the second, and ‘Of course! Leave it to me’ as the third.”

“Or your partner might already know that you dislike peeling oranges and might proactively peel them for you,” he added.

He noted that this goes beyond simply “peeling oranges.” “It could be a small step towards building trust,” he said, “or a way to gauge how you both feel about each other when things get tough.”

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