Famous Exercise YouTuber Losing Six Abs & Muscle Because Of Ramyeon!!!

Gifty, an exercise YouTuber famous for his eating show, is drawing attention as his abs have recently disappeared.

On the 14th of November, YouTuber Gifty posted a video of “Four Collections of Jinta Features” on his channel.

The video showed Gifty exercising in real-time broadcasting.

In the chat of the viewer, who said, “Why did your abs disappear?” while exercising for a long time, Gifty gave a “30-minute pause in the chat,” drawing laughter.

His back after eat ramyeon ..

As the viewer mentioned, Gifty’s abs and back muscles, which had been clear until only six months ago, have now disappeared.

There is a reason why his body has lost muscles.

Recently, he inhaled bibimmyeon and chicken with a friend on a diet, and another day, he showed a serious eating show with six bags of ramen and spam on rice.

In particular, GPT, which likes ramen, is known to have recently conducted a ramen advertisement, not a chicken breast advertisement, and recorded the highest view count of 2.87 million on its YouTube channel.

As a result of eating steadily for half a year, Gifty has now become in shape.

Subscribers who watched the video responded, “It’s nice to see a humane brother,” “You’ve gained as much weight as you eat,” and “No, you’re so fit even after eating five bags of ramen, so what if your abs disappear?”

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