Ex-Wife’s Husband Complained About His wife’s Infidelity To Wife Ex-Husband!

A man who was suddenly contacted by his ex-wife’s husband, who divorced him due to an extramarital affair, announced shocking news.

Internet user A, who works in the domestic online community Bobae Dream, recently posted a post titled “I got a call from my ex-wife’s husband.” Currently, the original text has been deleted, but it is shared through other communities and is causing anger.

A, who introduced himself as a man in his mid-30s, said, “I got married in my mid-30s and divorced three years ago.”

After getting married, my wife quit her job and lived as a housewife. “I know it’s hard, so when I get home, I cleaned up, washed the dishes, bathed and put the children to sleep, and I did everything,” he explained.

He also said, “After living like that, at some point, the conversation disappeared. In the end, he asked for a divorce, he said.

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“I persuaded him to live with my children for four months, but eventually, I got a divorce in agreement on the condition of paying child support.”

A heard that his ex-wife remarried a seven-year-old man a year after the divorce. I was quite bitter inside, but I lived hard thinking it was already in the past. The children also met twice a month.

A said, “I suddenly got a call from an unknown number and answered it, and it was my ex-wife’s husband. I apologized, saying I met my ex-wife two years before my divorce. “At the moment, my budget collapsed, but I calmed myself down and asked what I wanted to do,” he explained.

A soon heard the incredible news from her ex-wife’s husband. The content was that his ex-wife cheated on him again and was preparing for a divorce suit.

The husband of the ex-wife recommended A to raise the children. I advised him to revisit the issue of child support.

Mr. A said, “I felt dispirited after passing through. I feel so pathetic and stupid myself. “I think it’s right for me to raise the children because of my emotions, but the future is hopeless,” he said.

“I wonder what I should do if my children are not my relatives. To be honest, I’m so afraid. “If it’s my children, I’m going to raise them no matter what,” he added.