Why Tottenham Hotspur footballer, Son Heung-min is holding a tennis racket ?

Ralph Lauren to host the Wimbledon campaign with the world’s top players.
Son Heung-min, Maro Itoje, Francesca Hayward, Leckles, Lucy Campbell, and others participated in the event.

Ralph Lauren, a fashion brand famous for “Polo Shirt,” unveiled a campaign to commemorate its 16th anniversary as an official costume sponsor for the Wimbledon Championship.

Ralph Lauren’s global campaign commemorates those who have a long-standing partnership between the two brands and “sportsmanship,” which is also the pride of Wimbledon. Filmed by The All England Lawn Tennis Club (ALTC), the campaign film features world-class athletes from various sports fields and talks about the meaning and value of sportsmanship on and off the field.

Tottenham Hotspur footballer Son Heung-min, professional rugby player Maro Itoje, Royal Ballet senior dancer Francesca Hayward, British surfing champion Lucy Campbell and G2’s League of Legends e-Sports player Leclerc will join. In particular, Leckles’ participation in the campaign is recorded as the first luxury fashion brand to join the world’s leading e-sports entertainment brand, “G2.

Ralph Lauren plans to offer services and live streaming events through virtual reality at the same time as the Wimbledon campaign proceeds. Ralph Lauren’s flagship New Bond Street flagship store turns into a Wimbledon-themed virtual shopping space.

Along with streaming platform Twitch, Ralph Lauren will deliver Wimbledon’s magic vividly with an immersive live streaming service that combines fashion, sports, and music at 5 p.m. (GMT) on July 9. Syndicate, Europe’s top Twitch gamer, will host sports quizzes, game reviews, and music performances.

It will also introduce a Snapchat lens that will transform the subject into a white-look Ralph Lauren Bear that fits the Wimbledon dress code. The Wimbledon Bear Snapchat lens can be used by scanning the snap code or polo pony on display in the store. Bespoke Instagram Lens, which will provide another digital experience, will guide users to a Wimbledon-themed virtual garden party full of colorful flowers, soft music, and the sound of glass colliding.

It also provides a unique offline experience. The flagship stores in London’s New Bond Street and Paris Saint-Germain will broadcast tennis matches live on screens hanging from the store window. Customers can enjoy refreshing drinks while watching the game, where they serve strawberries with a Pins cocktail and cream throughout the tournament. The restaurant in Paris will continue its iconic Wimbledon culinary tradition along with tennis-inspired special menus such as raspberry tart and Pins Royal Cocktail.

Ralph Lauren, the official costume sponsor for the Wimbledon Games, offers all official uniforms on the court. All uniforms are made from recycled plastic bottles to have a positive impact on the environment by 2030.

In addition to her uniform, Ralph Lauren also presents a Wimbledon commemorative collection for men’s, women’s, and children’s wear outside the court. Ralph Lauren plans to donate 20% of the sales of the Wimbledon 2021 capsule collection sold at online and offline stores in Europe except for Greece and the Czech Republic to the Wimbledon Foundation and The Championship, a charity of AELTC.

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