Couples Who Need Sperm Donation is Increasing, More Cases Trying to Trade Sperm Commercially!

Infertility-diagnosed male patients increased by 24.6% over the past 4 years.
Rep. Shin Hyung-won said, “There is a need for social public debate on the establishment of a pavilion bank.”

Recently, the number of male patients diagnosed with infertility is increasing significantly.

According to data from the National Health Insurance Service, the number of male patients diagnosed with infertility in 2020 increased by 24.6% compared to 2016. In contrast, the number of female patients diagnosed with infertility during the same period decreased by 5.8%.

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In fact, the number of patients receiving treatment support due to infertility in men also increased by 3.8% last year compared to 2016. The number of infertile couples who need sperm donation is increasing as the average number of cases increases to 660 every year.

Amid the increasing number of male infertile patients, illegal pavilion sales are also active. Currently, it is not possible to trade pavilions and goods in Korea, but it has been confirmed that illegal sales posts are increasing every year online.

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In addition, Shin Hyung-won, a member of the National Assembly’s Health and Welfare Committee belonging to the Democratic Party of Korea, raised his voice on the establishment of a public pavilion bank during a parliamentary audit on the 7th.

Rep. Shin argued, “As the Moon Jae In government has decided to strengthen support for infertile couples with low birth rates, the government and the National Assembly should work together to improve the system along with social public debate on the establishment of public sperm banks.”

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With the number of male infertile patients increasing recently, more and more cases are trying to trade sperm commercially, he said. “In order to eradicate illegal transactions of sperm, we need to establish a public sperm bank system to ensure safety in the process of giving sperm.”

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