Squid Game Dance Africa Version Very Addicted!

Netflix’s Korean drama “Squid Game,” which is being played worldwide, has also hit Africa.

A dance video with the motif of Squid Game was uploaded on the YouTube channel Masaka Kids Afrika on the 10 Oct drawing attention.

The “Squid Game” video posted on this channel, which mainly uploads dance videos made by African children, was inspired by the drama’s first survival game “The Mugunghwa Flower Bloomed.”

In the video, African children become hosts and participants in the Squid Game and play Mugunghwa flowers.

The tall woman painted her face and body white, reminiscent of a “tagger doll” in the drama.

Even this woman copies the “motion detection sensor” scene of the tagger doll. It also shouts “Mugunghwa flowers bloomed” in Korean.

Afterward, the children rap and dance excitedly with the English name Red Light and Green Light, the game of Mugunghwa has bloomed.

It is also impressive that each person wore green clothes to express green sportswear, which is like a symbol of the Squid Game.

Like the participant’s number, there is a three-digit number tag on these chests and the scene where the shape of “□” was removed from traditional African bread instead of “dalgona” made of sugar is also noticeable.

The video is spreading through YouTube channels and many of inquiries are being made.

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