Surprising Impact on Digestion and Weight Loss Revealed

When you pick bananas at the store, do you think, “They’ll be ripe by the time I eat them”? Well, hold onto your hat, because here’s a surprising fact for you: Unripe bananas have some excellent nutrients that ripe ones don’t. And guess what? They might just be effective for your diet.

Resident doctor Karan Raj, active on TikTok, revealed through his social media channels that “unripe and ripe bananas have different health benefits.” While both are good for you, choosing the ripeness level according to your goals could be more beneficial.

Scientifically Speaking…

According to Raj, “Less ripe or green bananas have a higher proportion of resistant starch.” He explained, “Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate that acts like fiber. It’s a prebiotic favored by beneficial gut bacteria.”

Furthermore, according to WebMD, “Resistant starch can help with digestion, weight loss, disease prevention, and other healthy functions in the body.” It can be part of a “healthy lifestyle, including adequate nutrition, exercise, sleep, and more.”

Healthline mentioned, “Some types of starch are not digested and can pass through the digestive tract,” adding, “Numerous studies in humans have shown that resistant starch can have powerful health benefits.”

On the Other Hand, Ripe Bananas…

“On the other hand, as bananas become more yellow or ripe, they become easier to digest. This is because more starch converts into simple carbohydrates over time,” Dr. Raj stated.

“As bananas ripen and start to turn brown, their antioxidant content increases,” he added. Antioxidant-rich foods are known to prevent aging, improve cardiovascular health, lower cholesterol, facilitate alcohol metabolism, and prevent and improve memory loss.

Nutrient Content Throughout Ripening…

Yahoo mentioned, “As time passes, enzymes undergo a natural ripening process, stimulating the breakdown of banana molecules,” and “then, antioxidant activity increases, revealing brown spots. While the protein content increases during ripening, vitamin A and fiber remain constant.”

Whether they’re green or yellow, bananas are good for your health. We hope this sheds some light on choosing the right banana for your needs.

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