The secret to drinking canned beer at home like raw beer that makes your eyes wide open!

The weather is good for drinking cold canned beer. Have you ever wanted to drink a delicious beer at home like you do at a restaurant?

Japan’s leading beer brands, Asahi, Kirin, Sapporo, and Suntory, have unveiled “how to pour canned beer deliciously” and “the best ratio of beer and foam.” Each brand has a slightly different method of pouring beer, so why don’t you make your own method?

First, Asahi, the manufacturer of Asahi Super Dry beer cans, which caused a “sold out chaos” in convenience stores through word of mouth, introduced the fourth step.

1. The point is to pour the glass while holding it up!

First, hold the glass and tilt the can slightly while raising it, filling half of the glass with beer foam.

2. You also need a knack when pouring bubbles

After that, tilt the glass of beer in your hand to 45° and pour the can of beer again as if it were slipping slowly through the glass in the glass.

3. The importance of angles!

Slowly set the glass back to 90°.

4. Beer foam ‘lid’ is the key point

Finally, let’s fill 2 to 30% of the glass again with foam, pouring beer. Think of it as making a ‘lid’ out of foam.

Kirin Beer, well known as draft beer, introduced various beer pouring methods, saying, “You can enjoy changes in taste if you change the way you pour even the same beer.”

1. How to recommend it to people who enjoy a clean and refreshing

Kirin Beer recommended that you pour the beer slowly so that the glass does not overflow with bubbles as a way to pour the beer at once. In this way, you can enjoy beer carbonation more because it creates less foam. It is a method recommended to those who enjoy a clean and refreshing taste.

2. Recommended method when you want to enjoy the savoury taste

Another way is to pour beer bubbles as they are up to half the glass. After that, you can slowly pour the beer back into the glass while tilting the glass. In this way, you can save the ideal and savoury taste of beer.

3. Recommended way to enjoy a fragrant, soft taste

First, let’s lift the canned beer as high as possible. Pour the beer into the pre-placed glass and fill it with foam. After that, wait until the beer bubble subsides with about half the glass. When the amount of foam is reduced to about half the cup, pour another 1cm of beer into the glass. Finally, pour the remaining beer into the glass and finish with 2cm foam again.

In this way, you can enjoy canned beer like cream. It has a colourful scent and a soft taste. Giraffes recommend that you pour it at once when you want to enjoy a clean taste, divide it into two if you want to feel the freshness and rich taste of beer, and divide it three times when you want to feel the change of taste while drinking beer.

According to Sapporo Beer, it is better to set the glass vertically when pouring beer. After that, pour the canned beer slowly and pour it so that it does not overflow. It’s perfect if you pour it quietly as if you’re raising bubbles with the finish.

Beer glasses are also a key factor in determining taste!

Suntory Beer emphasized the importance of ‘beer glasses’. Cold beer glasses are good, and if there are residues such as oil stains in the glass, the bubble quality of beer deteriorates. Suntory Beer says, “It is better to wash the glass clean and dry it naturally before pouring the beer.”

If you want to drink Suntory-style “delicious beer,” first put a beer glass in the refrigerator to make it cold. After that, pour beer to about a third of the glass and fill it with foam. According to Suntory Beer, the foam acts as a lid to trap the “taste” of draft beer. After that, when the foam subsides to some extent, let’s slowly pour the canned beer back into the glass.

Finally, what is the ‘most delicious beer and foam’ standard? The ideal ratio for both Sapporo Beer and Suntory Beer is 7:3, so please refer to it!


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