Top Mistake To Get Effective Workouts


Renowned US fitness trainer Stephanie Mansour has unveiled the most common mistake made by beginners at the gym, along with some golden tips.

Correct posture is the key to effective exercise, as she pointed out that “many people fail to properly engage their core muscles while working out.” This mistake isn’t limited to abdominal exercises but is commonly seen in exercises involving both upper and lower body. According to Stephanie, “You should engage your core by pulling in as if your belly button is touching your spine.”

The same principle applies to squats and weightlifting. She emphasized the benefits of training the core, stating that “utilizing the power of your core is related to your overall core strength.” “Strengthening your core is highly effective for back pain, poor posture, or excessive soreness after workouts. Not understanding the importance of these core muscles is a big mistake.”

Stephanie further elaborated, saying, “Instead of performing deadlifts (a type of weight training) without using the power of your core, you can strengthen both the front and back of your body simultaneously by engaging your core. When performing arm exercises, using your core muscles along with your arms makes the exercise much smoother. Engaging your core when tilting your pelvis also helps support your lower back.”

Knowing that engaging the core is beneficial is one thing, but if you’re unsure how to do it or find it challenging, Stephanie has a plethora of easy-to-implement tips.

Firstly, simply start with standing posture. “Imagine someone punching you in the stomach while standing. You’ll feel your core engage. The same applies when doing lower body exercises like lunges or squats; imagining someone punching you in the stomach helps maintain core engagement.”

Additionally, when doing exercises like planks, deadlifts, or push-ups using a mat, if you find it difficult to engage your core, try Stephanie’s tip. “Imagine there’s a fire on the ground right now. Naturally, your core will engage.”

There are also tips for exercises performed lying down. “When doing exercises like leg raises while lying down, imagine you’re zipping up tight pants as you perform the movement.”

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