Semiconductor Researcher Winner of Mister International Korea 2023

Excitement filled the Sky Art Hall in Seoul on August 28, 2023, as the Mister International Korea competition unfolded. In a thrilling turn of events, Mr. Ho Sun Kang, a 33-year-old semiconductor researcher, emerged victorious, clinching the prestigious title of Mister International Korea for this year.

With his win, Mr. Kang is now set to represent Korea on the global stage as he competes in the upcoming Mister International Pageant, scheduled to be held in Thailand next month.

But Mr. Kang wasn’t the only shining star from “The Land of the Morning Calm” at the event. Other remarkable winners who will represent Korea in various international male pageants include:

  • Mister Supernational Korea 2024: Jang Tae Hyeon
  • Mister Global Korea 2023: Lim Jeong Yun
  • Man of the World 2024: Jung Hae Won
  • Man of the Year Korea 2023: Seok Bo Guen
  • Mister Grand Korea 2023: Hwang Jun Sung
  • Man Hot Star 🔥 Korea 2023: Jo Seong Hyeon
  • Mister Cosmopolitan Korea 🇰🇷 2023: Lee Ji Hoon
  • Mister Friendship Korea 2023: Ko Jun Hyeok

These talented individuals are now poised to represent Korea on the international stage, showcasing their charisma, talents, and charm. Stay tuned for their journeys and accomplishments in the world of male pageantry.

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