1st Part Of A Man’s Body That women See Is His Shoulder. Here is The Truth of Men’s Shoulders!

A famous health trainer revealed the truth about the men’s shoulders. It’s harsh for many men.

On the 6th, a post titled “The Truth of Men’s Shoulders” was posted on domestic online communities such as Epem Korea.

This contains a video capture from Heukja Health, famous for being a healthy YouTuber, explaining men’s shoulders.

Photo by Balance Button

The surplus health said, “I accidentally watched a video with a lot of views on ‘the male body that women like’.”

“I was surprised that women didn’t seem to know exactly about men’s bodies and muscles. If you watch the video, you say, “The first part of a man’s body that women see is his shoulder.”

He said, “Shoulders are not innate, but made.” Make That’s why working out and thanks ‘. “It’s a good thing,” he said.

Photo by Balance Button

Surplus Health released one photo, saying, “In the video, it is a picture that suggested ‘men’s shoulders that women like’.” The photo showed a track and field athlete’s broad shoulders.

He said, “This is not born with it, but born with it. This is not a shoulder that can be had through acquired efforts, but a handsome bone.”

Finally, “This cannot be made by fitness or swimming. Just as the face is determined by genes from birth, there are a handsome body and an ugly body. “I’m sorry. This is true,” he added.

Internet users who encountered the post also expressed deep sympathy.

They said, “Even muscle shape is born with different digestion efficiency, so there is a difference in innate diet difficulty.” “The genes determine everything from head to toe.” “Shoulders and shoulders are very important, and pelvis are very important. My shoulders are really wide, but my pelvis is really wide, so it’s not cool and it’s just like a lump.”

On the other hand, some netizens said that acquired efforts are also important, leaving comments such as “No matter what body type you have, it is better to exercise unconditionally” and “Isn’t it the instinct of all living things regardless of genes to try not to fall behind?”

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