Yoo Jin Bak Suffering Bipolar Disorder, No Evidence Prove Former Manager’s Alleged Assault Against Him!

The recent situation of genius violinist Yoo Jin-bak, who caused the syndrome in the 1990s, has been reported.

The Yoo Jin-bak incident, which Channel A’s Happy Morning claimed to have suffered confinement and assault damage from the agency 10 days ago, was illuminated.

Yoo Jin-bak graduated from the Juilliard School of Music in the United States. He was active, selling a number of crossover albums successfully.

He also shone on the performance stage, including a solo concert under his name, a Michael Jackson concert in Korea, and an inauguration ceremony for former President Kim Dae Jung.

Reporter Hong Jong-sun, who appeared in the studio that day, said, “Yu Jin-bak seemed to have broken up well with his manager Kim, but a video was uploaded. It was very haggard and something didn’t look good. It was known through the broadcast that he claimed to have been detained and assaulted by his agency.”

Regarding the agency’s position at the time, reporter Choi Jeong-ah said, “Yoo Jin-bak was suffering from bipolar disorder, so he dealt with this situation,” adding, “First of all, (Yoo Jin-bak’s) bipolar disorder is true, but he (self) said it is a disease that intensifies emotional ups and downs.”

Unfortunately, there is no solid evidence left to prove the former manager’s alleged assault and embezzlement against Yoo Jin-bak.

In the end, officials say that the former manager was cleared of charges.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview with a media outlet, Yoo Jin-bak said, “I went to the prosecution in July this year to make a victim’s statement, and I don’t want to pay more attention to noisy stories,” adding, “I hope people stay peaceful.”

Let’s watch the video.

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