YouTuber Sparked Controversy Over Sex Commercialization Video As Flight attendant Uniform Lookbook!

YouTuber A posted a message on his YouTube channel on the 21st of Jan, saying, “Thanks to your promotion of ordinary people, I gained great interest and support.”

Referring to the incident that he was accused of posting a flight attendant lookbook in December last year, he said, “Through this incident, I learned about the identity of the feminists and how much they were obsessed with damage and delusion.”

Regarding the feminist, he then said, “I shout gender equality, but I only insist on my rights and I don’t want to take responsibility for my duties,” adding, “Even a woman cannot say a word when asked to join the military.” “I can’t thank and support the soldiers, but I just found out that they are an ungrateful and indifferent group that mocks them,” he wrote.

“I found out that feminists insult me even by pretending to be men. Not only me but also Korean men are being criticized,” he said.

A also said, “Since walking on the night streets of Korea is dangerous, I am thinking about whether I can return home safely again today,” and added, “I expressed Korean men as potential hidden camera criminals, saying it is regrettable that hidden camera crimes are so rampant that women cannot relax.”

A, who said he has no intention of disparaging and insulting Korean men on the so-called “femi coin,” said, “I respect and like Korean men. “This idea remains unchanged,” he stressed.

In addition, A said, “Do you want to end your life after mocking and hating others in the corner of your room all your life?” “Do you want to destroy the love between men and women you can’t do by making men and women hate it?” “Please live your own lives,” he advised.

Finally, he said, “Are you tapping and shaking the keyboard even after reading this article? Work hard and waste your life. The train goes even if the dog barks, he said. “I sincerely thank everyone who supports me.”

Meanwhile, the court recommended that the video of the “Crew Lookbook” posted by A be closed.

The Seoul Central District Court’s Civil Agreement Division 60 (chief judge Kim Jung-joong) decided to recommend reconciliation for an injunction against A by three crew members of the Korean Air Department against A.

The court decided that A should not disclose the video and re-upload the video on YouTube and similar platforms. In violation of this, A also offered a condition to pay 5 million won a day to Korean Air.

The decision to recommend reconciliation seems to have been finalized as Korean Air and A gave up their objections. The actual problematic lookbook video disappeared from A’s YouTube channel.

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