AML Brand Upgrade To Altitude World Supermodel, Korea Candidates Mystery!

From successfully running ALTITUDE MEN INTERNATIONAL two consecutive years (2018-2019), TAJINDA group officially announce the 3rd edition with new brand name ALTITUDE WORLD SUPERMODEL (AWS) formerly known as Altitude Model Look (AML). This brand new Supermodel competition will be held on 19th to 24th October 2020 in the kingdom of Thailand. Early 2020, AML was plan held on 19th July till 25th July, but because of Covid-19, it been postponed with new normal style.

Don’t want people confused, main mission of AWS is to create one of the world’s most prestigious international modelling. AWS not only discover top models around the world, but it also offers exclusive inside look of the model life through the competition. Furthermore, the aim is to create more opportunities for model showcase their talent abilities and introduce an alternative modelling contest platform to the industry.

AML 2019 Contestant from Thailand

Most important, AWS totally different from pageant competition concept. Contestant are scored in the following categories, Modelling Altitude, Responsibility, Ability, Talent, Personality, Photography, Runaway Walk, Marketability and overall looks. AWS will handed out 10 special awards during the final.

Brazil contestant for AML 2019

Special awards that is a seizure are Editorial Model, Top Portrait Model, Top Runaway Model and Top Fitness. In this edition, first part of the modelling contest starts in Bangkok from 19th to 21st October 2020. The second part of modelling contest is held in Chonburi Province from 21st until 23rd October 2020. The World Grand Finals Event to be held on the 24th October 2020 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Can you guess who is contestant from Malaysia?

Meanwhile, National Director of Korea and Malaysia, Hyunmin-A are still secretive about Korea and Malaysia representatives. But, a teaser and hint about both of them already been announce one by one in his Instagram. According to him, representative from Korea also known as TV anchor and many times involve with variety program in Korea. For Malaysia candidates, he has won one of pageant competition and actives as social media influences.

AWS 2020 Contestant from Serbia (right) and France

Special campaign for introduce the contestant will be held soon after the MCO (Movement Control Order) end. A special clothes brand by Malaysian Designer will be create soon under brand NAMCIN. Sponsor are welcomes to be part of the team and can contact the National Director through Instagram.

AWS 2020 contestant from Thailand (left) and South Africa.

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