The Rise of Korean Metro Sexual Accusing Korean Men Of Being All Gay

The masculine of a Korean original man is suspicious of many parties. Such situations appear when many Korean men face more feminine and have beautiful skin beat women.

Multiple charges are thrown against Korean men. Yet only that really knows will deny negative disputes against Korean men. In fact, this charge makes many laughable for getting to know the Korean man in detail. Whatever it is, Korean society cannot rule out allegations that Korean men are now more keeping an appearance in line with Korean women.

About 20 percent of Korean males said they had used BB cream. Half of the male respondents said they had used perfume, sunscreen, and facial foam cleanser in the past month. It is interesting to know that more men than women wash their hair daily, according to the survey, in which 35 percent of men said they use shampoo daily compared to 30 percent of women. 

In a country that emphasizes the beauty standard of a pale, glowing complexion, 90 percent of surveyed women said they use sunscreen compared to 56 percent of men. Women and men in their 20s used the most cosmetic products per month, with 20-something women using an average of 27 items and men in the same age group using about 13.

Whatever it is, appearance is not the answer to their sex. Although they seem feminine, they remain, male, even some are more gracious than masculine-based Korean men. For that, do not evaluate without questionnaires.

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