Soccer Player Become A Winner Of Mister International Korea 2022! Check out the winner list here

The 2022 Mr. International Korea Final stage competition took place on Monday, Aug 29, 2022. The Location of the event took place at Sinchon Caterttle Convention Hall at 6 PM KST.


After more than a month of the challenge, the former Anyang club footballer was crowned as the new winner of Mister International Korea 2022. The 182-year-old named Kim Hee Won is also a model.

This time it is seen as different because the runner-up position and the third place have two winners. However, it is likely that the winner will represent Korea internationally in different competitions.


This year’s competition is so intense because all the participants are fully equipped as winners. So, it’s no wonder the 8 Korean men who are at the top of this ladder are seen as so handsome and sexy.


Here is the list of winners & runners up for 2022 Mister International Korea.

Mister International Korea 2022

Kim Hee Won


1st runner-up

Kim You Soo

Lee Yong Woo


2nd runner-up

Kim Jin Wook

Yoo Byeong Eun

Hong Seok Jin


3rd runner-up

Kim Sang Hun

Lee Won Young


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