Want Continue Degree In Law, Syaqer Will make Donation For homeless If Become Winner AWSM!

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6) What is your hope for the new year?

 I hope my career is successful and my dream will be achieved as an actor and model.

7) If you are the winner, 10 things will you do after you received the titles?
1. I want to tell my friends and family and spend time with them.

2. I want to do acting classes to improve myself.

3. I want to make a donation for homeless people and people who are in need of help.

4. I want to make my own brand.

5. Continue on with my degree in Law.

8 ) Korea is now top in the world, 10 things should other countries follow Korea ?

 1. Nice views of Korea

 2. Friendly people who have a nice attitude.

3. Fashion

4. Beauty products such as facial masks and K94 Mask.

5. KPop music

9) Between K-pop and k drama, which one gives more influence to the world?
 I think K-drama influence more because my favorite K-drama is “Full House” because the storyline is different than Malaysian Drama.

10) What are the biggest things you learn in 2021 and AWSM ?

The biggest thing I have learned about 2021 the COVID year is that it gave a lot of impacts because all of the restaurants and shops can’t be opened because of the quarantine. For AWSM the biggest thing I have learned is the catwalk, face expressions and how to sell yourself as a brand.

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