Lack Of Relationship Sense, Here 10 Things Ju Young Curios About Malaysia!

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Korea Buzz figure January Edition, Ju Young had many curious things about Malaysia. But Malaysia become the main country he targeting to go in 2023. Meanwhile, Ju Young also a bit afraid if he get offer to join the viral program from Korea, Single’s Inferno on Netflix.

Let’s read the main reason why Ju Young is Curious and his opinion about the show. You might be speechless..


Korea Buzz: Do you prefer hot or cold countries? And tell me why you chose that country.
I prefer hot countries. It is because I can dress comfortably and swim. Above all, I like fruits from hot countries because they are delicious.


Korea Buzz: What do you think about Single’s Inferno on Netflix ? Have you ever seen this TV show? If you’ve seen it, please tell me your opinion on this TV show.

I didn’t watch the single’s Inferno, but I know what kind of program it is. I think the box office factor of this TV show is that the romance between handsome and pretty men and women evokes vicarious satisfaction among viewers.
The videos I watched briefly were very fun and interesting.


Korea Buzz: If the Single Inferno team contacts you to appear on the show,
Will you accept the offer? And why did you make that choice?

I don’t know. It’s fun, but I’m a little scared because I don’t have a good sense of relationship.

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