Lack Of Relationship Sense, Here 10 Things Ju Young Curios About Malaysia!

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Korea Buzz: Where do you want to travel this year?
I want to go to Vietnam or Malaysia this year. I have been to Thailand and the Philippines, but I have not been to Vietnam and Malaysia, which were the countries I really want to go to, so I plan to go there if I have a chance.


Korea Buzz: Can you share the places you want to travel to?

Vietnam, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.


Korea Buzz: Have you ever been to Malaysia? If you have, please share your experience.
I haven’t been to Malaysia. I want to go there.


Korea Buzz: If you have a chance to come to Malaysia, can you tell us the first 10 things you want to do?

1.Meeting friends in Malaysia

2.Eating Malaysian food

3.Experiencing Malaysian culture

4.Making friends

Enjoying traditional culture and going around pretty places.

6.Taking public transportation

Going to places where there are no Koreans,

Going to the gym

9.Going to the library

10.Making travel videos.


Korea Buzz: What are 10 things about Malaysia that you always feel curious about?


  1. Curriculum in Malaysia
    2. Etiquette culture
    3. The way of dating
    4. Food that people like in their 20s
    5. What do they think of Korea?
    6. What is the ideal type that men and women prefer?
    7. Which music genre is popular?
    8. Where is the hot place in Malaysia?
    9.What is the cultural difference from other countries?
    10. What are the most delicious and popular foods and what animals do they like?


So can you answer all the curiosity about Malaysia for Ju Young? If yes you can DM his Instagram.

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